Zartaj Gul breaks down in tears seeking apology over May 9 riots

Zartaj Gul breaks down in tears seeking apology over May 9 riots

Zartaj Gul, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), cried as she apologised for her claimed role in the May 9 riots on Wednesday because she was afraid she would be arrested if she left the courtroom.

In an interview with reporters at the Peshawar High Court, where her request for a transit bail was being heard, the former minister of climate change apologised for the riots that broke out after PTI founder Imran Khan was arrested on May 9, 2023. During those riots, protesters damaged and attacked security installations.

The politician from Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab wouldn’t leave the courthouse until her bail request was approved. She said she was afraid the cops would arrest her if she went outside.

Reports say that the police sent out extra groups, including six more female police officers, to watch outside the court. Members of the Ababeel Squad also did this.

Gul told reporters that she felt like fighting a war instead of running for office in the general election because there were so many cops outside the courthouse waiting to arrest her.

The politician told her supporters not to worry about the tense situation because she was staying firm with her beliefs without fear. She put her faith in the courts to give her justice.

Gul said that the election board turned down her papers to run for office. The people who worked for the Election Commission were held hostage in DG Khan.

Gul said, “Imad Tahir was arrested from the same court this morning, and now the forces are outside to arrest me.” She stressed that she should be free on bail because she had personally shown up in court and “surrendered.”


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