World Children’s Day being observed today

World Children's Day being observed today

The day after today is World Children’s Day.

“For Every Child, Every Right” is the theme for this year.

The theme is a warning that everyone in the world has a duty to protect every child’s rights and well-being, no matter what their situation is.

Several ceremonies will be held by governments, non-governmental organisations, and groups to bring attention to the special needs of children and work to protect their rights.

As part of his message for the event, President Dr. Arif Alvi asked the appropriate government departments, civil society groups, and UN agencies to work together to make the lives of children in Pakistan better.

The President of Pakistan said that the country had a clear plan to help children. Social justice and equality are important to us because we think they are the building blocks of a healthy society.

He said that society as a whole needs to do something about this, and that towns and families need to do their part for the good of our country’s future.

Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf talked about how important kid rights are in his message on this day. During his speech, he said that the Parliament had always worked hard to protect and help children.

The speaker of the National Assembly said that the Parliament had reached many important stages in making laws that protect and care for children.



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