World Bank granted $1.69 Billion for flood relief in Pakistan

    World Bank granted $1.69 Billion for flood relief in Pakistan
    World Bank granted $1.69 Billion for flood relief in Pakistan
    World Bank

    The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on Tuesday authorized $1.692 billion in financing for five projects to benefit people living in flood-affected parts of Sindh province.

    Out of the five initiatives, three support rehabilitation, home rebuilding, and the restoration of agricultural production for vulnerable populations, according to a statement released by the World Bank. Two of the three projects have a combined value of $500 million, while the third is only worth $292 million.

    The $500 million “Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project” will focus on providing short-term livelihood possibilities and boosting the province’s disaster response capability.

    “The project will assist restore and upgrade essential irrigation and flood protection infrastructure, water delivery schemes, roadways, and related infrastructure. At least 2 million individuals, over half of whom are women, would benefit from the restoration and resilient repair of vital infrastructure in the most flood-affected regions”. A cash-for-work initiative at the community level will give short-term financial support to around 100,000 households.

    The owner-driven and multi-hazard resilient rehabilitation of key housing units will be supported by the $500 million Sindh Floods Emergency Housing Reconstruction Project. 350,000 housing units will get funds for renovation and development thanks to a housing subsidy (almost 20 percent of the total housing rehabilitation needs for Sindh). For homes suffering structural damage, cash subsidies will be given to help partially pay for rebuilding or restoration.


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