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‘Why tea isn’t hot?’: Woman kills her mother-in-law

A woman murdered her mother-in-law for questioning why the tea she was served was not as hot as it should have been.

According to the Indian news agency ETV Bharat, the suspect Gunaku, who lived in Tamil Nadu with her cycle repair shop owner-husband and in-laws, was on medication for mental illness.

Palaniammal, the alleged victim, had a habit of drinking tea served hot by her daughter-in-law every morning. She chastised the accused for the tea not being warm enough.

On Thursday morning, the situation worsened. Palaniammal chastised Gunaka for the same offense.

The suspect became enraged after going two days without medication. She grabbed a steel rod and smacked her mother-in-law on the head with it.

The injured victim was rushed to the Viralimalai Government Hospital for treatment. Because of the severity of their injuries, the injured were referred to the Trichy Government Hospital.

But she died on the way to the hospital from her injuries.

Gunaku was apprehended by police after they arrived on the scene. An investigation is currently underway.

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