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We miss our Indian friends, culture, and cuisine: Wasim and Shaniera

Wasim Akram, the beloved former Pakistani cricketer, is set to make his acting debut in the upcoming heist film Money Back Guarantee, directed by Faisal Qureshi. Fawad Khan, the evergreen heartthrob, will also appear in the film. Shaniera, Wasim’s wife, will also appear in the film.

Wasim was asked about Javed Akhtar’s recent contentious comments about Pakistan in a recent interview with Hindustan Times. Wasim, on the other hand, chose not to remark on the political situation, noting that he was in the country to promote his film and would find nice things to say about whatever country he visited. “I don’t want to comment on political issues because I’m here to promote my film.” “If I were invited to another country, I would find something positive to say about it,” the former cricket star added.

Despite the constraints put on Pakistani artists working in India, Akram declared his yearning for India. The boycott imposed by the Indian government hinders them from functioning in the country. Wasim mentioned missing his Indian friends, people, and food, particularly dosa. “We would love to come to India,” Wasim stated. “I used to spend 7-8 months of the year there.” I miss my friends, people, and food, especially dosa. It does not exist in Pakistan. Inshallah (God willing), we’ll be there soon. See all the places I’ve been missing for years, as well as the hustle and bustle of Bombay,”

Shaniera also acknowledged her affection for India, recalling their four years in the nation following their marriage. She noted how much her husband is adored in India, referring to him as “Wasim Bhai,” a term of love, despite the fact that he does not play for the Indian cricket team. She also stated that it was vital to her to take her children back to Amritsar, where their grandfather was born.

“I miss India,” she confessed. “After our marriage, we stayed in India for four years, which is probably more time than we spend in Australia.” I miss how much people in India adore him. He did not play for India, but he is known as Wasim Bhai. That’s fantastic. I’d love to take our children to Amritsar, where their grandfather was born. It is quite essential to me.”

Earlier this year, during a conference in Lahore, Akhtar reminded the audience that Indians should not forget that Pakistanis carried out the 26/11 Mumbai terror strikes. While this comment was applauded in India, it was slammed by a number of Pakistani celebrities. Despite political tensions between the two countries, Javed Akhtar was greeted as a hero upon his return to India.

In response to an audience member’s suggestion that he return to India with favorable feedback on Pakistanis, Akhtar replied, “The atmosphere needs to cool down.” I am from Bombay, and we all witnessed the Bombay attack. The assailants did not come from Norway or Egypt. They are still in your country, so don’t be outraged if an Indian complains about it.”

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