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Vidya Balan reveals Karan Johar ‘played cupid’ for her and Siddharth

Bollywood Vidya Balan revealed that filmmaker Karan Johar acted as a matchmaker between her and her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Balan married Siddharth Roy Kapur, the CEO of UTV Motion Pictures and an Indian film producer, in December 2012. In a recent interview, she revealed some intimate details about dating and marriage.

Balan recalled the time when she was at the pinnacle of her career and was filming the murder mystery ‘No One Killed Jessica’ for a digital channel (2011). “Even though he was a producer, I didn’t meet him on the set because he was with UTV, so I had no interaction with Siddharth,” she explained to the interviewer.

The ‘Jalsa’ actor revealed that they met by chance when she received the ‘Best Actor’ award for ‘Paa’ and exchanged a brief, polite conversation about the film. Balan described her now-husband as a “good-looking, charming man,” but she later discovered he was married.

“Later on, I discovered he was divorced,” she added.

Further revealing the true love story, Balan revealed that the infamous Bollywood matchmaker, Karan Johar, played cupid for both her and Kapur.

“At the time, life was bringing us together a lot. We ended up at Karan’s house for a party together. “In this relationship, Karan has played Cupid,” she continued. “He [Karan] invited me to a party at his house, which surprised me because I didn’t know him. “How sweet I felt.”

“I went to his house, and most of the others I didn’t know. I was feeling a little shy when Siddharth entered, and because we had just watched a game together, we ended up talking. That’s when, most likely, something happened that night.”

“Of course, I later learned that Karan had wanted us to meet, so this was a deliberate invitation, and it worked,” she recalled.

Siddharth is the younger brother of actors Aditya Roy Kapur and Kunaal Roy Kapur.

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