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Video of customs officer demanding bribe goes viral; suspended

LAHORE: A customs official was fired after a video of him demanding a bribe from a passenger went viral.

Imran, a customs officer at the Lahore airport, is seen in the video requesting a bribe from a traveler.

A traveler carrying $9,500 and headed for Canada was being held up by a customs inspector who was demanding $100. In case the traveler refused, he threatened to seize all of his money.

Customs regulations prohibit travelers from taking $9,500 abroad.

After the viral video of the incident, the deputy collector of customs dismissed the officer and told him to go to the headquarters.

Prior to 2020, police claimed to have detained two customs department employees in Karachi for allegedly selling booze that had been seized by the agency.

Details indicate that Younus and Khalid, two customs department officials, were detained by Shershah police for selling liquor bottles that had been seized by their agency. At least 83 bottles carrying imported alcohol were also found in their possession.

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