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NAB rejects investigation of Usman Buzdar’s assets

Usman Buzdar’s assets
Usman Buzdar’s assets

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday rejected looking into allegations that former chief minister Usman Buzdar had assets beyond his means.

In a local accountability court, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) responded to the temporary bail granted to Buzdar. The NAB response reads, “Usman Buzdar’s claims of the NAB probe in assets are unfounded.”

According to the legislation, the bureau is looking into the liquor licensing matter. The accountability bureau has been the target of a false accusation of malice made by Usman Buzdar, according to the NAB’s response to the court. NAB said, “He has no documented proof to support his position. NAB reported that despite being summoned, Usman Buzdar failed to show up in person.

To cancel temporary bail for former chief minister Buzdar during the investigation, the agency requested the court. Usman Buzdar, a former chief minister of Punjab and PTI politician, had his temporary release in the assets case extended by an accountability court on Wednesday.

According to the Investigation Officer, the former chief minister Buzdar’s arrest is not now necessary because the NAB has not yet issued an arrest warrant for him. The court extended temporary bail for the former chief minister of Punjab, Buzdar, till December 13 after hearing the arguments.

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