Ushna Shah Notes the National Cricket Team’s Peculiar Religious Hues.

Ushna Shah Notes the National Cricket Team’s

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah made a remark on Monday in Lahore about the religious symbols that are prominent in the national cricket squad of Pakistan. The Pakistan team’s first impressions were sought from Ushna Shah and Ahsan Khan.

“I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of the team. As a Canadian by birth, I missed out on seeing great cricket players like Sir Donald Bradman and Sir Ian Botham in action. So, it’s impossible for me to draw any solid comparisons to prior squads.

The actress told a local TV station, “I have to admit that the current team has earned a positive reputation from a certain perspective; they are delivering strong performances.”

She continued by saying that the current squad has presented a novel image by emphasising the spiritual aspect. Ushna Shah praised this portrayal, noting that the team had successfully communicated a message of unity, a belief in the supremacy of Allah, and a sense of friendship.


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