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US proposes mediation for disputes between Pakistan, India

Washington: According to State Department spokesman Ned Price on Friday, the US is in favor of a positive conversation between Pakistan and India.

The form of that dialogue would be decided by Islamabad and New Delhi, the US State Department official told the newsmen.

Price stated that the US is prepared to participate if both nations agree. “Because the nations themselves must decide these matters. The United States is prepared to support that process in any way that we responsibly can as a partner to both countries if they agree on a specific role for the United States, Price was quoted as adding.

The manner in which Pakistan and India interact with one another is not up to the United States to decide. In order to settle long-standing disputes, what we favor is meaningful diplomatic engagement and constructive communication between Pakistan and India.

Strong trade and economic ties between Pakistan and the United States are urgently needed, according to Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department.

Ned Price stated that a ministerial discussion on trade and investment between Pakistan and the United States is now taking place in Washington during the press briefing.

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