UoP students deplore unjustified campus shutdown

UoP students deplore
UoP students deplore
PESHAWAR: On Wednesday, University of Peshawar (UoP) students and their parents expressed their regret over the university’s unjustified closure for the past three weeks and requested Governor Haji Ghulam Ali and the chancellor to take action.

They claimed that they had lost a lot of time due to an unscheduled spring break and a strike by university instructors and other faculty following the murder of a security supervisor.

They claimed that although 15,000 students were enrolled at the UoP and had paid millions of rupees in tuition fees, admission fees, exam fees, hostel fees, transportation costs, security costs, and other expenses, their valuable time was still being wasted by the university administration under various pretexts.

A student at the university, Danial Aziz, claimed that the faculty on strike had threatened to extend their strike until Eid if their demands were not met. He added that the students were suffering as a result of the conflict between the university administration and the teaching faculty and that no one in authority was willing to acknowledge that the strike would waste the students’ valuable time and semester.

For the early reopening of the university and the resurrection of educational activity, many student organizations had also set up camp at the main gate and blocked it for all types of traffic.


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