UK, Italy, and Japan working to develop next-generation fighter jets

fighter jets
fighter jets


Japan, Britain, and Italy said on Friday that they will work together to create a next-generation fighter jet, opening the door for potential future collaboration with allies like the United States.

By 2035, the new jet, which is anticipated to be completed, is anticipated to combine international research into cutting-edge air warfare technologies, from stealth capability to cutting-edge sensors.

During a time when “threats and hostility are rising” globally, the three nations said in a joint statement that the “ambitious endeavor” will “accelerate our advanced military capabilities and technology edge.”

A series of pictures accompanying their announcement showed an artist’s rendition of the sleek new planes soaring past Mount Fuji, over London, and over Rome.

They did not provide a price tag, but the three nations have already invested enormous sums of money in the creation of cutting-edge fighter jets. These efforts will be consolidated under the cooperative venture known as the Global Combat Air Programme.

According to the statement, “We share (an) vision for this aircraft to be the centerpiece of a larger combat air system that will operate across various domains.”

The document went on to say that this included “future interoperability with the United States, with NATO, and with our allies” in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. In a separate joint statement with Japan’s defense ministry, the US Department of Defense stated that it backed the proposal.

The US-Japan statement said that “we have started significant collaboration through a series of conversations on autonomous systems capabilities, which might complement Japan’s next fighter program among other platforms.”

The declaration comes as Japan is getting ready to undertake the most significant changes to its security policy in decades.

The administration wants to increase defense expenditure, which is problematic in a country where the constitution restricts military power to self-defense alone.

However, the Ukrainian conflict, many North Korean missile tests, and mounting Chinese pressure have all contributed to rising support for a higher budget. According to a representative of the Japanese defense ministry, the new fighter plane aims to outperform current designs like the American F-35.


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