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Two monkeypox suspects transferred to Karachi’s isolation center

KARACHI: Two suspected cases of monkeypox arrived in Karachi from Jeddah and were taken to the isolation facility.

Details indicate that two people who arrived in Karachi from Jeddah have been identified as possible cases of monkeypox. According to airport sources, the suspected patients included a 16-year-old adolescent named Affan Mohammad and a 3-year-old girl named Raheela.

Both passengers have been relocated to the isolation facility by the airport staff.

The first case of monkeypox in Karachi was confirmed by the Sindh Health Department a day earlier.

The patient, who had just arrived in Karachi from Jeddah, is thought to have picked up the infection there, according to the health department.

Following confirmation, the patient is sent to an isolation ward where he or she will receive medical care while additional samples are collected and transmitted to the Dow University Lab.

The Sindh Health Department urged people to take preventative steps including washing their hands and avoiding close contact with those who are exhibiting symptoms of the illness.


A virus that is comparable to the smallpox virus in humans causes the uncommon but potentially lethal disease known as monkeypox. It spreads from animals to people and can spread from one person to another when they are in close proximity.

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