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Twitter cuts staff supervising global content moderation

According to a report from Bloomberg news on Saturday, Twitter Inc. has made more employee reductions in the unit responsible for hate speech and harassment as well as the trust and safety team, which manages worldwide content moderation.

Employees in the company’s Dublin and Singapore headquarters were impacted by at least a dozen further cutbacks on Friday night, according to the article, which cited people with knowledge of the situation.

Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, a recent recruit as head of site integrity for the Asia-Pacific region, and Analuisa Dominguez, Twitter’s senior director of revenue policy, were among those let go from the social media company controlled by Elon Musk, according to Bloomberg.
The article also stated that staff members working on teams responsible for state media, international appeals, and disinformation policies on the site had been fired.

Twitter made some changes to the trust and safety team on Friday night, according to Ella Irwin, vice president of trust and safety, who acknowledged this to Reuters but withheld more information. She stated in an email that “We have thousands of employees working in Trust and Safety whom moderate material, and we have not made cutbacks to the teams who perform that job every day.” Some of the layoffs, she continued, were in places where there wouldn’t be enough traffic moving ahead or where consolidation made sense.

Early in November, Musk reduced costs at Twitter by firing about 3,700 workers; a few hundred more followed suit. A complaint was also filed against the business last month, alleging that the social network corporation unfairly singled out female employees for layoffs.

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