Trump, in Iowa, demands release of those jailed for 2021 Capitol attack

Trump, in Iowa, demands release of those jailed for 2021 Capitol attack

On the third anniversary of the attack, Donald Trump played down his part in the siege of the US Capitol, saying that people who were being charged with storming the building should be set free.

At a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa, just over a week before the first Republican primary, Trump called the people in jail after the attack on January 6, 2021, “hostages” and said the Biden government had been bad to them.

Trump said, “They’ve been through enough.” “I call them prisoners. They are sometimes called prisoners.

In front of more than a thousand fans in a school gym, Trump repeated his false claims that the 2020 election was rigged and made himself out to be a political victim.

Trump told the crowd, “I was charged because I questioned the unfair election.”

For trying to rig the election, Trump is facing many state and federal charges. However, he has not been charged with starting the 2021 uprising, when a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as lawmakers were certifying President Joe Biden’s win.

On the campaign trail, Biden has called Trump a threat to democracy many times. This has become one of the main themes of his campaign so far. While she was in South Carolina on Saturday for an event, Vice President Kamala Harris talked at length about the attack on January 6.

At recent campaign events in Iowa, supporters of Trump and other Republican presidential candidates played down the importance of January 6. Many of them also believed in conspiracy theories about what happened that day.

Trump has said on earlier campaign stops that undercover FBI agents were a big part of planning the attack, but official investigations have not backed up this claim.


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