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Imran invites the entire nation to reach Rawalpindi on November 26 in order to achieve true independence

Imran invites the entire nation to reach Rawalpindi on November 26 in order to achieve true independence.

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has called on his fans and party officials to gather in Rawalpindi on November 26 to demand free and fair elections in the nation.
“I am inviting the whole country to Rawalpindi on November 26.” (Next Saturday). I’ll meet you there and reveal the next steps. “This movement will continue even after this march,” he stated through video hookup to supporters in Rawat on Saturday.
He urged followers to leave their homes and pressure the government to schedule immediate elections, saying, “We can never gain genuine freedom by remaining at home and living like sheep.”
Demand of fair and free election date
The strong groups were also addressed by Imran, who said, “Ask whomever you want, whether it the business community, farmers, IT industry, or anyone else… Everyone agrees that holding free and fair elections is the best way to get the nation out of this mess.
The former prime minister Imran Khan argued that the current government has lacked off strategy or timetable for rescuing the whole country from upcoming problems.
“The whole nation from the country must travel to Rawalpindi, and we will demand free and fair elections. This revolution won’t end until we experience true freedom.
“Institution forced robbers on the nation”

Imran blamed the institution and expressed surprise at their choice to impose the “corrupt” Sharif and Zardari families on the nation. “Establishment has the authority and the ability to lead the nation in either a favorable or negative way.
He questioned from the establishment and powerful people, “What Pakistan has accomplished by regime transition in the previous seven months.” “Why did you force them onto the nation… Are you aware from their history and past what they did to this country? There are records; millions of dollars corruption done by these families.

The former prime minister said that without the participation of “local abettors,” the “international plot” against his administration could never have been successful.
” None of us can remain neutral”
The former prime minister claimed that nobody could be “neutral” at this time since what is taking place in the nation is akin to slavery.
“Sheep and people are different from one another. Humans have rights, but a society without the rule of law becomes an animal society. Imran cited the murder cases of PTI Senator Azam Swati and Arshad Sharif as instances of how no one would receive justice till the nation took steps to establish the rule of law.

Former Prime Minister is unable to File FIR:
“If I, a former prime minister of the Pakistani nation, cannot file a police report, how can the common person in this society obtain justice?” he continued.
“In civilizations without the rule of law, nobody will come to the aid of the poor… No one is safe here if they can assassinate Arshad Sharif, the top investigative journalist in Pakistan, he said.
Punjab police declined to report
Imran said that the Punjab police declined to report an attempted murder on him because they were afraid of “Dirty Harry.” “People like Nawaz, Zardari, and ‘Dirty Harry’ are sitting there who are beyond the law, and other emerging nations are having the same difficulties as Pakistan,”
He declared that the PML-N-led coalition’s “sole goal is to take respite in corruption cases,” accusing them of “damaging” the nation’s economy.


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