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Three police officers detained for ‘killing’ youth in Karachi

KARACHI: Three officers were detained by police on Tuesday after shooting and killing a young person in the port city who they said was racing away when they were told to halt, police stated.
When Shaheen Force officials instructed two young people riding a motorbike to halt outside Sharea Faisal Police Station, the young people disobeyed, according to Karachi East Deputy Inspector-General Muqaddas Haider.

The police then pursued the group, entering a building close to the Jauhar Mor neighborhood of Gulsitan-e-Jauhar, where they fatally shot one of the young men, Amir Hussain, as he was ascending stairs, according to a high-ranking police officer. When the tragedy occurred, the neighborhood was in a state of uncertainty, and people scurried.
Senior Superintendent of Police (East) Abdul Raheem Sherazi and other officers looked into the shooting and looked at the local closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage as per the DIG’s instructions.

The three police officers engaged in the event Shehryar, Faisal, and Nasir were arrested when it was discovered during the first inquiry that they were responsible for the incident.

Sherazi said that preliminary inquiries revealed that, contrary to the police’s assertion, neither the teenager nor the little girl who was riding the bike with them was in possession of any firearms.

He said that a case had been filed against the police and that the authorities were getting in touch with the victim’s parents.


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