There’s Even a Taylor Swift Comic Book Now!

There’s Even a Taylor Swift Comic Book Now!

Those who can’t get enough of the “queen of pop” will be interested to hear that a biographical comic book on Taylor Swift is in the works.

Female Force is a series by TidalWave Comics that highlights “accomplished and influential figures” from the worlds of literature, economics, entertainment, politics, and more. Taylor Swift is one such character.

The 22-page glossy details her meteoric ascent to fame and celebrates her many accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

“Of course Taylor Swift deserves her own comic book,” Eric M. Esquivel stated. She wears bright tights and battles evil businessmen who try to exert power over her with money. The only other person who fits that criteria is Clark Kent … and even he couldn’t have penned ‘1989’.”

On December 13th, the book will be released in digital, paperback, and hardback formats, with two different jacket designs for each.


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