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The US has no objections to Pakistan importing Russian oil

Russian oil
Russian oil

WASHINGTON: According to the State Department, the US does not presently have sanctions in place on Russian energy exports to other countries, therefore it has no special objections to Pakistan importing Russian crude oil.

A State Department spokeswoman insisted that they were aware of rumors that a group from Pakistan was traveling to Moscow to talk about the potential import of Russian crude oil.

According to the department, “we have been quite clear that each nation would have to make its own decisions, depending on its own circumstances, in terms of energy imports.” The department said, “We acknowledge the strain that governments are feeling to ensure inexpensive fuel supplies.”

However, the spokesman claimed that Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Europe had amply shown that it was not a trustworthy energy provider and that the US continued to support measures to lessen long-term dependency on Russian energy supplies.

The department stated, “We continue to work in tandem with friends and partners to lessen the effect of Putin’s war of aggression on Ukraine on international energy markets.

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