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Russia-Ukraine war could be a long one; Putin

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, conceded that his country’s army may be fighting in Ukraine for a while, but he insisted that there won’t be the second call-up of troops yet.

Putin told followers in a televised gathering on Wednesday that the conflict, which he started more than nine months ago, may continue for some time. Putin has seldom discussed how long a war lasts.

He warned that the procedure may take a while.

In response to Ukrainian counteroffensives in the east and south that have been armed with an increasing number of Western weapons since July, Russia has been driven into a number of substantial retreats.

In February, Russia began what it refers to as its “special military operation,” claiming that Ukraine’s growing links to the West presented a security danger. The invasion is being described by Ukraine and its supporters as an imperialist territory grab. In his speech, Putin stated that although there was a growing possibility of nuclear war, Russia would not carelessly threaten to use such weapons.

Putin stated, “We haven’t gone insane; we understand what nuclear weapons are. “Unlike any other nuclear country, we have these means in a more sophisticated and contemporary form. But we’re not going to start flaunting this weapon around like a razor in public.

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, stated in an interview published on Thursday that international pressure had reduced the likelihood that Putin would use nuclear weapons.

According to Putin, 77,000 of the 300,000 reservists who were called up in September and October had been dispatched to Ukraine. 150,000 people were still enrolled in training facilities.

Talk of any more mobilization steps just makes no sense under current circumstances, according to Putin.

The partial mobilization order’s short-term negative impact on Russia’s economy has been overcome, but the disinflationary effect it had on the country’s consumer demand has all but vanished, according to the central bank on Wednesday.

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