The path of Cyclone Biparjoy is towards India

Cyclone Biparjoy
Cyclone Biparjoy
Cyclone Biparjoy
Cyclone Biparjoy

As Pakistan’s coastal regions flood, Cyclone Biparjoy bends towards India before making landfall.

On Thursday, Cyclone Biparjoy continued to approach Pakistan’s coastline, with a predicted landfall just a few hours away. But in the late afternoon, it curved in the direction of India.
The cyclone was 130 km from Keti Bandar, 200 km from Karachi, and 198 km from Thatta as of Thursday afternoon.

Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, stated on Thursday that the cyclone was shifting its course and has ”slowed down”. She stated that it was turning away from Karachi but would hit Keti Bandar a day sooner.
By Thursday afternoon, the cyclone had adopted a northwestern trajectory and was veering towards India, according to Zoom Earth, which has been the source of Bijparjoy updates for government authorities and media outlets. It will touch down.

Keti Bandar was no longer included in the “cone of uncertainty” indicating the area that might be affected by the cyclone. Earlier, the tiny Pakistani port was falling inside the cone.
The coastal regions close to Karachi have already been impacted by strong tides. On Wednesday night, the Hawke’s Bay Road, which connects Mauripur to the beach, was inundated.
Waves were seen crashing on beachside bungalows in a video that was going viral on social media.
By midnight, several other roadways were under water. According to a correspondent for Aaj News, on Thursday, police halted the roadway close to Badin.
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People were advised not to go near the coast by Sherry Rehman.

At the time of landfall, the wind would be blowing between 100 and 120 kph with gusts as high as 140 kph, she stated during a press briefing on Wednesday at NDMA.

She added: “The maximum sustained speed of the cyclone is 150 kilometre per hour to 160 kilometre per hour with wind gusts of 180 kilometre per hour.” The cyclone is moving towards Pakistan at a speed of 60 km per hour.
She stated that Karachi should expect sporadic thunderstorms and rainstorms, while the coastal regions should get 330 millimeters of rain, which will probably damage Hub and Lasbela.

The Pak Navy has relocated its assets to safety as a result of the cyclone, she added, adding that the military, Sindh Rangers, and Sindh Police have been sent in to conduct rescue efforts.




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