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The hostage situation in Banu continues on the third day as negotiations failed

The hostage situation in Banu continues on the third day as negotiations failed

BANNU: On Tuesday, the hostage crisis at the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Khyber-Bannu Pakhtunkhwa’s district reached its third day as negotiations to end the standoff with the militants stalled.

Deputy commissioner Bannu stated that all public and private educational institutions in the district will be closed today since no progress was achieved and the atmosphere in the town is still severe.

All roads leading to Bannu Cantt have been blocked off to traffic, and police officers are stationed at the barriers. Additionally, the district’s cellphone network has been shut down by authorities.

In the CTD police station in Bannu on Sunday, a terrorist reportedly overpowered questioners, stole an AK-47 weapon, and started shooting, leading to the martyrdom of two CTD officers and the injury of several others.

Around 20 Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists are camped out in the heavily guarded cantonment area where security forces have ringed the facility after they took control of it.

The attackers wanted to bargain for a safe route to Afghanistan. However, the atmosphere remained tense as Monday’s discussions with the militants ended in failure. After an unsuccessful attempt to liberate them, the hostages were still being held, according to a senior government official.

They want us to give them safe transportation by air or on land. According to the DPO, they want to take all the hostages with them and release them later on Afghan territory or within Afghanistan. He stated that Pakistani officials had requested assistance from Kabul’s administration in freeing hostages. By Monday evening, “practically no progress” had been achieved, a second government official told AFP.

The TTP requested that authorities provide safe access to border regions and accepted responsibility for the event.

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