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For disclosing tax records of the Bajwa family FBR suspends culprits

tax records of the Bajwa family
tax records of the Bajwa family

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has suspended a number of officials from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for their alleged roles in the disclosure of information about the tax returns of the relatives of former army leader General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa.

A probe has begun in the interim with around a dozen chief commissioner-level officials involved. The two officers who had previously been promoted to OSD and had their services transferred to the FBR admin pool have now been suspended.

Two grade 18 officers, Atif Warraich and Zahoor Ahmed have been suspended for 120 days, according to a notification from FBR. It is important to note that both grade 18 Inland Revenue officers were first fired from their positions.

The family’s tax information from General (retd) Bajwa was exposed last month. The deputy commissioner’s PC was used to capture the image of the tax returns. According to sources, the investigation’s scope has been expanded, and a probe involving about a dozen chief commissioner-level officials has started.

Additionally, it has been determined to continue the inquiry and work with the chief commissioner, commissioner, and extra commissioner while also including three additional income tax authorities.

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