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Swat blasts connected to armoury short circuit

SWAT: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police have determined in a preliminary investigation that the twin blasts that struck a counterterrorism facility and killed several people in the Kabal town of Swat were caused by an electrical short circuit at a munitions warehouse within the premises,

ruling out a militant attack, as initially suggested.

Nine officers, three civilians, and five recently apprehended militants who were being kept there for investigation bring the total number of fatalities from the Monday event to 17. In addition, 70 people—most of them police officers—were hurt.

A two-person fact-finding commission was established by the KP caretaker government on Tuesday to look into the event.

Akhtar Hayat Khan, the head of the KP police, told reporters in Kabal that the explosions took place after rocket-propelled grenades, mines, and other weapons confiscated in various instances and kept in the warehouse went off due to a short circuit.

According to Mr. Khan, these explosives’ shards have damaged structures up to 400 metres distant. A projectile also struck the mosque near the police lines, causing a hole in its roof.

He claimed that neither the facility’s gate nor the victims’ post-mortem investigations had any sign of a forced entry or the presence of pellets. In addition, there were no gunshots at the entryway.

The first explosion occurred at 8:20 p.m. and the second at 8:32 p.m., causing a 12-minute gap between them to shake the police station.

He did, however, promise that the police would look into the situation objectively and from all possible aspects. Additionally, he said, the police will attempt to secure any such documents kept in other locations.


The additional inspector general of the police’s special branch, Saqib Ismail Memon, and secretary of the Home and Tribal Affairs department, Muhammad Abid Majeed, make up the fact-finding commission for the provincial government.

A thorough report detailing every aspect of the incident is required from the committee.

Muhammad Azam Khan, the interim chief minister of KP, declared in a statement that an investigation into the incident was ongoing.

The facility was inspected earlier on Tuesday by the KP police chief, the commander of Peshawar’s corps, the inspector general of the KP’s Frontier Corps, and the chief secretary.

The deceased police officers’ coffins were decorated with wreaths, and Mr. Khan, the police head, also said funeral prayers for them.

According to Rescue 1122 spokeswoman Shafiqa Gul, a rescue operation was in progress on day two with the aid of 100 people and large equipment. She also mentioned that 13 bodies had been transported to their hometowns.

Protest in Swat

Hundreds of people protested the blasts and demanded peace in the region in the capital cities of Kabal and Swat, Mingora, at the same time.

While Swat Quami Jirga organised the protest at Nishat Chowk in Mingora, Swat Olasi Pasoon (Swat Public Uprising) organised the rally at Kabal Bazaar.

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