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Sunak, the new prime minister, paid a visit to Kyiv and promised to support Ukraine

Sunak, the new prime minister, paid a visit to Kyiv and promised to support Ukraine

KYIV: The newly elected prime minister of UK visited the Kyiv on Saturday and pledges to continue support of Ukraine in this hard time which was the focus of his predecessors. He assures for new package for air defense of Ukraine to stop the Russian drones which will help to shoot down the upcoming drones from Russia.

European Union President Joint Conference with Ukraine PM

It is important to note that some days ago the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal held a joint press conference with the European Union president in which they made a claim that the half of the power system of the Ukraine is destroyed by Russian Drones. And Russia continuously targeting the energy system of Ukraine.

Fight for Freedom

And it is possible the complete shut down of the electricity in the city. So, the air defense package by the UK will also help to protect the energy system of the Ukraine.  Sunak, the newly elected Prime Minister of UK claimed on his twitter account, “To fight for freedom, Britain knows what it means for” and pledges to support the Ukraine in all ways.

Pledges of 50 million pound to Ukraine

Furthermore, He made a statement and pledges the new 50 million pounds for Ukraine in which they will provide new aircraft-guns and latest technology to stop the drones attack by the Radar system. Sunak said that they will also train the armed forces of Ukraine and will teach them the use of latest technology.

He also said that we are now providing the latest anti-craft guns, anti-drones protectors to save the energy system of Ukraine and will support humanitarian crisis to protect them from cold weather and will also provide food.

Warmly Welcome of Sunak by Ukraine

The president of Ukraine warmly welcomes the support from London and posted a video of his meeting with the UK’s newly elected Prime Minister Sunak. In a tweet on his twitter account, he said; having friends like you make us more confident to our victory. Both of our nations are aware to the meaning of true freedom and standing up and fighting for freedom.

UK’s Predecessors Mission

Sunak who was the previous finance minister, and other previous Prime Ministers like Boris Johnson and Liz Truss both made their support to the public of Ukraine. Since the last month Russia continuously Targeting the energy system and infrastructure associated to the power and energy. And it is also possible of the complete shutdown pf Ukrainian power system.

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