After Chinese and Russian warplanes approach, South Korea scrambles jets

South Korea scrambles jets
South Korea scrambles jets
South Korea scrambles jets
South Korea scrambles jets

SEOUL: In response to the unannounced entry of six Russian and two Chinese aircraft into South Korea’s air defense zone on Wednesday, the South Korean military claimed to have scrambled fighter fighters.

Early on Wednesday, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) in Seoul reported that Chinese H-6 bombers frequently entered and left the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ) close to South Korea’s southern and northeastern shores.

They later returned to the area from the East Sea, commonly known as the Sea of Japan, escorted by four TU-95 bombers and two Su-35 fighter fighters, it added.

Eventually, all of the airplanes departed the area and did not trespass into South Korea’s airspace, Seoul claimed.

A government may attempt to regulate airplanes in an area that is broader than its airspace for security concerns; however, no international treaty specifically defines an ADIZ. The JCS issued a statement stating that “our military deployed air force fighter planes even before Chinese and Russian aircraft reached the KADIZ to take tactical steps in case of scenario.”

According to unidentified “observers,” Beijing and Moscow looked to have “engaged in a coordinated air drill,” according to Seoul’s Yonhap news agency.


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