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South Africa’s ruling ANC requests urgent talks as pressure increases on Ramapo

ANC requests
ANC requests

JOHANNESBURG: The day after a report on scandal-plagued President Cyril Ramaphosa opened the door for potential impeachment, South Africa’s ruling ANC party will hold emergency meetings on Thursday.

After a special panel looking into a burglary scandal at Ramaphosa’s farm determined there was enough evidence to merit a parliamentary discussion on whether he should be removed, pressure has increased on the president.

According to the assessment, the president “may have committed severe breaches” of the anti-corruption statutes and several provisions of the constitution.

The National Executive Committee of his party will convene urgent meetings tonight at 7 p.m. (1700 GMT) to tackle the crisis of farm theft in light of the findings, an ANC spokesman told AFP.

Ramaphosa’s reelection campaign has suffered a significant setback as a result of the report, which was released two weeks before the ANC’s key conference when new leadership is set to be elected. Additionally, the president canceled a planned question-and-answer session in parliament for Thursday afternoon, according to his administration.

According to legislative authorities, the president’s formal cancellation request stated that “implications for the stability of the country demanded that the President take the time to thoroughly evaluate the contents of the report and the next course of action to be taken.”

The material acquired by the three-person panel, which was established in September to look into the suspected cover-up of theft at Ramaphosa’s farmhouse, indicates that Ramaphosa may have engaged in significant misconduct and breaches.

These include failing to immediately notify the police of the theft, acting improperly while in office, and putting his official duties and personal affairs in conflict. Announcing that he is “considering the findings and an announcement will be made in due time,” Ramaphosa maintained his rejection of any misconduct.


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