Sonam Bajwa shares love from Pakistani fan

Sonam Bajwa receives loves Pakistan
Sonam Bajwa receives loves Pakistan
On the social media platform Twitter, Indian Punjabi actress Sonan Bajwa shared love from a Pakistani superfan who was holding her picture.

On Twitter, a photo of Sonam Bajwa‘s Pakistani superfan holding a placard with photos of the Indian actress at the Rawalpindi cricket stadium during a Pakistan Super League match went viral.

Her admirer expressed his belief in her “supremacy” in a letter.

The image piqued the actress’s interest. She retweeted his social media post and commented on how sweet it was on his behalf. Her retweet received thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets from Twitter users.

Sonam Bajwa has previously expressed interest in Pakistan. In an interview with a radio station, the actor admitted to having a “huge crush” on our very own superstar Fawad Khan.

Furthermore, the actress stated that she was a huge fan of Sajal Aly.

“She is phenomenal, and I’m so happy to be able to share that I’ve learned so much from her; she’s extraordinary, and I think you’d agree,” Sonam Bajwa exclaimed.

During a recent interactive session on the social media application Twitter, the Indian actress announced her Pakistan tour.

A fan asked her to come to the country. “Iss saal aavange (I will come this year),” she replied.


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