Smog: LHC orders to extend the winter vacations

Smog: LHC orders to extend the winter vacations
Smog: LHC orders to extend the winter vacations

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday mandated a one-week extension of the winter break due to the smog’s growing danger. The LHC issued the rulings after hearing the petitions submitted in an effort to find a solution to the pollution problem.

The LHC noted that it is the duty of the government to solve the pollution problem and ordered that the winter break be extended by another week. The subsequent plea hearing has been postponed until the following Friday.

Due to severe pollution, the Punjab administration announced three weekly days off for students in the provincial capital.

The official statement stated that “all schools in Lahore will stay closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.” The government stated, “The choice of three weekly off days will stay in place until the next decree.”

On the Lahore High Court’s directives, the province administration has announced three weekly off days for the city’s schools due to pollution and poor air quality.

The heavy smog that blankets cities in the early days of Winter are mostly caused by smoke from automobiles, factories, and the burning of agricultural residue.
In recent years, the first days of winter in the area of Punjab were severely affected by similar meteorological conditions.

The pollution brought on by polluting heavy particles might be cleared by a period of heavy rain or strong winds.


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