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Six Afghan nationals arrested in Karachi combing operation

KARACHI: Sindh Rangers and police arrested six Afghan nationals suspected of criminal activity during a combing operation in Karachi on Monday.

According to a Sindh Rangers official, Rangers and police forces conducted a combing operation against criminal groups in Jamali Goth, Karachi. Six Afghan nationals living illegally in Karachi were apprehended during the operation due to criminal records.

Gul Mir, Agha Noor, Saeed Mir, Khuda-e-Noor, Muhammad Hafeez, and Allah Dad were detained for dacoities, street crimes, and drug dealing.

According to the spokeswoman, six kilogrammes of hashish and a motorbike were also confiscated from a junkyard during the operation.

According to a Sindh Rangers spokeswoman, the detained outlaws have been turned over to police for further action.

Earlier that day, on November 11, Sindh Rangers and police collaborated to apprehend 122 illegal immigrants attempting to enter Sindh from Balochistan.

According to a spokesperson for the Sindh Rangers, officials from the paramilitary forces and police searched the passenger bus as part of routine operations, when they discovered the 122 suspects, who Rangers and police claimed were Afghan civilians who had unlawfully entered Pakistan.

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