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Sindh govt seeks full biometric records of teachers within four months

KARACHI: The Sindh government has requested all teachers’ full biometric records from throughout the province within four weeks.

Details indicate that Akbar Leghari, the secretary of the education department, has given the district education officials in Sindh control over the instructors’ biometric data. The DEOs have been instructed to provide the teachers’ entire records in four months.

Earlier, the education department of Sindh halted paying wages to more than 2,000 ghost teachers throughout the state. According to information, the 2,019 phantom teachers’ wages were to be stopped when the Sindh education department filed a letter to the provincial accountant general.

The AG Sindh has seized the payment of wages to the “ghost teachers” in accordance with the education department’s letter. Teachers who are getting their pay while remaining at home will have their employment terminated, according to Sindh’s education secretary Akbar Laghari.

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