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Sindh Govt decided to return foreign citizens illegally residing in Province

KARACHI: Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, presided over a conference on law and order on Thursday, and it was resolved to send back all foreigners who were residing there illegally.

In a meeting, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah stated that terrorist organizations seek to exacerbate the law-and-order situation in the nation once more. CM Shah made the statement while speaking at a session on law and order in Sindh. “We won’t allow terrorists to raise their ugly heads again in our country, province, and towns,” he said.

 He gave the province’s law enforcement authorities instructions to expand their intelligence-based operations there. He added that a system had been developed to improve communication between the Sindh Police and other intelligence organizations. Additionally, he called for “daily collaboration among all intelligence services.”

The chief minister of Sindh also encouraged Sindh Police and Rangers to crack down on street offenders and gave police instructions to reduce street crime. The D.G. Rangers were ordered to enhance patrolling by Murad Ali Shah. Additionally, he gave the go-ahead for the deployment of police and rangers in regions where crime has escalated. All foreign nationals who are residing in Sindh illegally would be sent home, the conference resolved.

The Chief Minister made the decision to increase security at Karachi’s entry and departure points. Additionally, he gave the directive to raise the bar for street criminal prosecutions. “Seven individuals have been slain in robberies in Karachi throughout December,” he noted.

Additionally, he made the decision to start a crackdown on street criminals within the next 15 days. The group agreed to inform the media about the operation against terrorists and common criminals.


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