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SHC scold’s director charged parking, others

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) chastised the director responsible for parking and other officials on Friday for their attitude to parking costs in DMC South, Karachi.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh heard the appeal against the high parking rates.

A person petitioned the high court to challenge the pricing of Rs30 for bike parking in DMC South, Karachi, as opposed to the fixed cost of Rs10.

CJ SHC said at the start of the hearing that a petition against exorbitant parking costs was filed on May 13, and the contract was awarded on May 15. The parking employees were asked by the top HC judge how much money was taken for awarding parking fee-contact.

In his response, the director charged parking DMC South stated that he was just appointed and was unaware of the charged parking fee contract.

While rejecting the director charged with parking’s statement, Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh called the Karachi commissioner in the matter.

Depending on how long you’ve known the contactor, The CJ SHC inquired of the director KMC, adding, “I will hand you over to the anti-corruption team.”

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