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Shahrukh Khan’s chats with Sameer Wankhede leaked!

Following the arrest of the former’s son in the narcotics case, the claimed pleadings of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan to NCB officer Sameer Wankhede have been made public online.

An Indian news agency obtained the WhatsApp conversations between the famous person from Bollywood and Wankhede, the former zonal director of NCB Mumbai, dating back to 2021. On Friday, the latter’s argument against his appeal seeking the quashing of the CBI FIR in an alleged bribery case included the submission of screenshots of the discussion in court.

The ‘Pathaan’ star asked Wankhede for a minute of his time in the message made on October 3, 2021, the day Aryan Khan was detained in the drug case. Shah Rukh Khan’s regards. I understand that this is unofficially inappropriate and possibly even morally repugnant, but if I may speak with you once as a father. please. SRK love.

Khan continued, “Can’t thank you enough for all the thoughts and personal insights you shared with me regarding my own after a call between the two of us, allegedly on the same day. I’ll see to it that he develops into someone of whom you and I can both be proud. I can assure you that this event will prove to be a positive turning point in his life. Moving this nation ahead requires young people who are sincere and diligent.

The next generation must follow what you and I have done, and it is up to us to shape them for the future.

“Once again, I want to thank you for your generosity and help. I adore SRK. 

Additionally, Wankhede gave Khan the assurance that the authorities would treat his son with kindness. The actor then said, “I am relying on what you stated. I hope you agree that my son has learned the lesson you believe he needed to learn and may now go on to establish a good life for himself as a diligent young man with a promising future. We appreciate your generosity and concern. (I apologize for the late hour and hope you don’t mind, but I was awake—naturally, as a father.) Love, SRK.

Wankhede mentioned that Aryan was a good kid for a while in another mail. “Hope that he will definitely now be converted and properly counselled by me,” Soon, the difficult times will pass, he wrote.

It is important to note that on October 3, 2021, Aryan Khan was detained from a cruise party and spent a few weeks in a Mumbai jail before being released on bail the following month. Last year, he was cleared of all charges after the special investigative team (SIT) was unable to uncover any proof of his crime.

The crew discovered anomalies against Wankhede and his group, as well as infractions of the Central Civil Services (CCS) Rules in the course of the drug-on-cruise raids. The NCB team from Mumbai allegedly tried to demand INR 25 crore from Khan in exchange for dropping charges against his son, according to the CBI.

Wankhede had refuted the charges.

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