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Shaheen Afridi ties the knot with Ansha Shahid

A day before, Ansha and Shaheen’s Nikah ceremony took place at a mosque in Karachi. Later on, the bride’s ‘rukhsati’ will occur.

Shahid Afridi, a former captain of Pakistan, expressed his affection for his adored daughter Ansha Afridi on Saturday. Ansha and bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi recently got married on Friday.

Following the nikah, a reception was also held, and Jahangir Khan, Naseem Shah, Shadab Khan, and Babar Azam, all of whom play cricket, were present. Afridi shared a heartfelt message for his daughter on Twitter.

“Your garden’s most lovely flower is [a] daughter since they grow with huge blessings. A daughter is someone you can dream with, laugh with, and love unconditionally “He composed.

The former athlete claimed to have given Shaheen his daughter in Nikah and congratulated the newlyweds. Over 133k users have watched the page, and it has received hundreds of prayers and good wishes from friends and followers.

Two years ago, the couple was engaged.

Shaheen blushed during the interview and stated, “It was my wish, and Alhamdulillah [thanks to Allah Almighty] it has been fulfilled now.

The 22-year-old cricketer had responded, when asked if he felt envious of his female followers, “I am not sure, maybe she feels something like that. “The young pacer was asked by the host if getting engaged so quickly would upset his many female followers. He responded, “I discovered my heart and that is enough for me.

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