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SCO summit: Bilawal slams India’s accusations of cross-border terror

After his Indian counterpart accused Pakistan of cross-border terrorism, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s remarks at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council meeting were immediately changed to reflect the nation’s official position.

In an effort to draw a connection between the terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Jaishankar claimed in his speech to the SCO conclave that turning a blind eye to terrorism would be harmful to the organization’s security interests.

However, after Bilawal said: “We should refrain from using terrorism as a tool for scoring diplomatic points,” India’s attempt to destabilize the situation was met with a swift and forceful response.

He stated that it is crucial to vehemently oppose purposeful provocations and incitement to hatred, particularly on the basis of religion.

He added, “We must assure that racism and xenophobic beliefs have no place in today’s society. It is our joint obligation to fight against fascism and historical revisionism that is leading to violent ultra-nationalism anyplace in the world.

The basic freedoms and rights of all people are guaranteed, Bilawal continued. Bhutto declared that Pakistan “condemns all forms of terrorism.”

He declared that Pakistan is steadfastly committed to taking part in regional and international efforts to end this threat.

He urged teamwork to lessen the financial hardships of the citizens of the member nations in his remarks on the level of poverty in the SCO region.

The 34-year-old asserted that the only way we can triumph over this obstacle is by working together and drawing from one another’s experiences.

The foreign minister stated that in order for the developed world to live up to its promise of contributing $100 billion yearly for climate finance, it must address the negative effects of climate change. According to the foreign minister, Pakistan firmly adheres to the values of equality, respect for cultural variety, mutual trust, and pursuit of shared progress that were entrenched in the original “Shanghai Spirit.”

He stressed that “we believe the SCO could be a key platform for taking this vision of Eurasian connectivity to the next level,” and that Pakistan’s location at the intersection of South Asia and the Middle East makes it an attractive trade route for the entire region.

In order to promote economic cooperation and preserve peace and stability around the world, Bilawal Bhutto underlined the importance of an Afghanistan that is peaceful and stable.

The federal minister spoke in front of the Qin Gang of China and Sergey Lavrov of Russia, emphasizing the strong historical, cultural, civilizational, and geographic ties that all of the member nations share.

He claimed that Pakistan had put up more effort than any other country to end terrorism.

Furthermore, according to Bilawal Bhutto, any violation of Security Council resolutions runs counter to the goals of the body and is illegal under international law.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) conference is taking place in Goa, India, where Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar greeted Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

This is a significant occasion since it gives him the chance to speak with his international peers about vital topics.

At the meeting, Jaishankar remarked, “I am delighted to note that the conversation on topics of reform and modernization of SCO has already begun.

In a video message sent out yesterday, Bilawal expressed his eagerness for productive meetings with his peers from friendly nations.

According to a statement from the Foreign Office Spokesperson, Pakistan’s participation in the meeting demonstrates the importance the country attaches to the area while setting its foreign policy priorities.

Pak and Tajikistan concur to deepen their bilateral ties.

Earlier, Mr. Bilawal met with his Tajik colleague Sirodjiddin Mukhriddin outside of the important conference in Benaulim, Goa.

Both parties decided to deepen economic relationships and hash out early completion of connectivity projects, including CASA-1000, after discussing a wide range of bilateral interactions.

He expressed optimism that the SCO will achieve its goals and become a successful platform.

It is important to note that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari just visited India for the first time in over 12 years as a top leader from Pakistan.


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a Eurasian political, economic, international security, and defense organization that was founded by Russia in 2001.

With a coverage area of around 60% of Eurasia and 40% of the global population, it is the largest regional organization in both terms of geography and people.

India and Pakistan are now part of the SCO.

There have been three wars between Pakistan and India, two of which were fought over the Kashmir dispute, and their relations have been tense for many years.

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