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Scientists find new water resources on Moon

Experts have discovered new water reserves from samples taken by the Chinese lunar mission “Chang’e 5” from the moon dirt they had brought back in 2020, according to the Independent. This discovery comes as scientists step up their efforts to locate sources of life in space.

This might be a significant development since it would enable astronauts to use the moon as a base to carry out exploratory missions and utilize the water as needed.

The study, titled “A solar wind-derived water reservoir on the Moon housed by impact glass beads,” was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The 35 samples were randomly selected from lunar soil that contained water in tiny, multicolored glass beads smaller than hair. In addition, scientists think that the moon has a sizable frozen water reservoir, albeit one that is smaller than the one on Earth.

These beads are countless and have a huge water-carrying capacity. In addition, it is still unknown how water will behave in space.

Researchers believe there must be a method for storing water on the moon because earlier studies on the topic failed to explain the reserve locations and how it is done.

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