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Sanaullah expects the army maintains the decision to remain apolitical


According to Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, the army is a structured entity, and decisions about policy are decided at the institutional level rather than at the personal level.

Sanaullah stated that the army’s choice to remain “apolitical” was made by the institution, and he hoped that it would uphold its pledge. During a media discussion in Lahore, he used the names of the past and present army leaders as an example and claimed that “the army is an organized institution where an individual’s policy isn’t implemented.”

He emphasized that the institution had decided that the army will remain “apolitical” since it adheres to the institution’s policy. Sanaullah refutes assertions that the Swati prosecutions are motivated by “political retribution.”

The interior minister subsequently refuted assertions that Azam Swati, a senator for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was the subject of political retaliation, claiming that Swati had instead targeted two institutions rather than the government. The federal minister declared the cases against Swati were not related to the government.

Sanaullah said that the senator, rather than the administration, “maligned” the Pakistan Army and the courts. “We would have filed charges of heroin against them if we wanted to file cases against them or intended to punish the way, they treated us,” he claimed.

The interior minister continued by saying that legal actions are being taken against them. “The Balochistan High Court just dismissed all cases brought against him. However, we have been fighting our cases for years, “added said.

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