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Saeeda Imtiaz’s manager claims she is “alive and well”

Following rumors of her demise on social media, Saeeda Imtiaz, a Pakistani-American performer, and model were confirmed to be “alive and well” at her Lahore home on Tuesday by her manager and legal advisor, Mian Shahbaz Ahmed.

Speaking to a news outlet, Ahmed stated that individuals responsible for hacking Imtiaz’s social media accounts and spreading falsehoods would face legal consequences.

We’ll investigate the underlying problem, he stated.

He said the actress is at home in Lahore right now and that she is doing fine. He also said she will soon release a video message on the subject.

Her passing was announced on her official Instagram account earlier today, which caused word of her passing to quickly spread over social media.

Saeeda Imtiaz was discovered dead in her chamber, according to the report. However, no other information was provided regarding the model’s passing.

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