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Russia will give petroleum at a discounted price to Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Petroleum Musadik Malik announced on Monday that Russia has decided to give Pakistan cheap crude oil, gasoline, and diesel.
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar stated earlier this month that Islamabad intends to join the petroleum import agreement with Moscow on conditions identical to those decided by New Delhi, despite the United States resistance to Pakistan’s purchase of Russian oil.
According to two individuals familiar with the situation who spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity, Malik and the petroleum secretary traveled to Russia last week for talks on topics such as the supply of gas and oil.
Speaking at a news conference today, the petroleum minister said that Pakistan and Russia were continuing their discussions with the national interest at the forefront.

Russia has chosen to offer cheap crude to Pakistan; refineries utilize this oil to make diesel and gasoline. Russia would also provide Pakistan with cheaper gasoline and diesel, he said. He said that all issues in the energy industry will be handled with discounted Russian petroleum.
Malik claimed that due to “international pressure,” Russia had run out of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and had set up a meeting between the delegation and private businesses. He claimed that discussions had started with the Russian companies.
According to Malik, the Russian government is establishing plants to generate LNG. He also asked Pakistan to start negotiations on long-term contracts for 2025–2026.

He asserted that discussions for two gas pipelines had begun and that Russia was interested in supplying Pakistan with pipeline gas. A Russian intergovernmental group led by the nation’s energy minister would visit Pakistan in January of the following year, the ministry announced.

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