Romeo Beckham moves out despite parents David & Victoria ‘missing’ him

Romeo Beckham moves out despite parents David & Victoria 'missing' him

This is the third child of David and Victoria Beckham. Romeo Beckham has finally moved out to live with his lover.

Their son, who is 21 years old, moved out of their £31 million home and into a flat with his girlfriend Mia Regan.

It was said that the young couple was already looking for their own home, even though the Beckhams’ house has six bedrooms and an indoor pool.

Romeo and Mia were seen last week watching darts star Luke Littler, who is 16 years old. They then shared a TikTok video of their new home with the caption “Roomies and I.”

According to Daily Mail, the famous pair no longer has any children, even though they own many homes, including a mansion in Holland Park, London.

“David and Victoria miss them terribly,” a source told the news outlet. People joke that they are almost empty-nesters.

After Romeo moved out, all three of Beckham’s boys have now left the house. Only Harper, 12, is still living with his parents because Cruz, 18, and Brooklyn, 24, both live in Los Angeles.


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