Reopening of Iranian missions in Saudi Arabia

Iran Diplomatic Office
Iran Diplomatic Office
Iran Diplomatic Office
Iran Diplomatic Office

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman announced on Monday that Iran will reopen its diplomatic offices in Saudi Arabia this week, many months after Tehran and Riyadh decided to stop their animosity as part of an agreement mediated by China.

In March, Iran and Saudi Arabia, two regional rivals whose animosity has jeopardized Middle Eastern stability and security and fueled wars from Yemen to Syria, agreed to resume diplomatic relations. Iran’s embassy in Riyadh, our consulate general in Jeddah, and our office to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will all formally reopen on Tuesday and Wednesday to fulfil the deal, according to spokesman Nasser Kanaani.Alireza Enayati was appointed as Tehran’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia last month. Saudi Arabia and Tehran had strained ties in 2016 after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was stormed after a dispute over Riyadh’s killing of a Shia cleric.
The relationship had begun to deteriorate a year earlier after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates intervened in Yemen’s war, where the Houthi movement had ousted a government and taken over the capital Sanaa.
The Houthis, who later attacked Saudi cities with armed drones and ballistic missiles, were allegedly given weapons by Tehran, according to Riyadh. In 2019, the monarchy directly blamed the Islamic Republic for an attack on Aramco oil facilities that temporarily cut off half of its oil output. Iran has refuted these allegations.


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