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Reham Khan celebrates her 50th birthday with husband

Reham Khan, who celebrated her 50th birthday this year, is grateful for the joys she has experienced this year, especially the affection she was deprived of the previous year. The British-Pakistani journalist, who wed Mirza Bilal earlier this year, urged her followers to have faith, remain positive in life, and keep praying since a year may change everything.

Reham posted a photo of herself smiling with her spouse and a vase of flowers on Instagram on Tuesday. In addition to praying that you find love and happiness, “If you have lost hope, if you are down today, not only do I want to let you know that from one birthday to the next, your world can change,” she wrote a letter to her followers urging them to have patience during this trying period.

“I can’t believe I was surprised with so much after having the worst birthday last year. Leave it in the hands of the force that created you is the sole need. Have faith,” she urged, hinting that this year had brought her love and made her happier than ever.

Reham released a second video of herself blowing out her birthday candles a little while later and captioned it, “I’ve never counted the years, but rather counted the blessings. I don’t try to hide my age and am proud of every year of my life. Aging well is wonderful. It makes one more fascinating and hopefully smarter as well, but most importantly, it signifies that I have witnessed the development of my nieces and nephews in front of me.

She continued to list her blessings and said, “I traveled across much of the world, met countless wonderful people, was in awe of the magnificent works of art that mankind had made, and of course, laughed a lot more than I’ve ever wept tears.

She concluded by congratulating herself on the “wonderful” life she had led up to that point. And, in her opinion, it was just the beginning! “Chin up gals, it’s been a terrific 50 years, and I’m just getting started. She wrote, “Let’s confront it all with a grin and our favorite lipstick.

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