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Qureshi, Fawad charged for “incitement against state institutions”

Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Fawad Chaudhry are being sued for instigating violence and claiming that state institutions were involved in a plot to kill Imran Khan, according to court documents filed in Lahore on Tuesday.

Sub-inspector Waseem’s allegation was investigated and a first information report (FIR) was filed at the Race Course Police Station in Lahore.

According to the FIR, PTI Vice Chairman Qureshi and Senior Vice President Fawad held a news conference in Lahore’s Zaman Park with unnamed party employees during which they incited people to engage in violence.

The canal road was closed as a result of that news conference, and people had trouble getting to work, according to the FIR, which also stated that Fawad gave a provocative and enraging statement. It was further stated that he incited unrest among the populace against government institutions.

Fawad allegedly accused state institutions of planning a plot to kill Imran Khan, according to the FIR. Additionally, it stated that PTI leader committed a crime by obstructing traffic.

Roadblocks, intimidation, and agitative statements are some of the charges listed in the FIR.

PTI workers congregating in Zaman Park on February 28, the Islamabad district and sessions court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for PTI leader in the Toshakhana case that had been filed against him.

A squad of Islamabad police had arrived at Khan’s Zaman Park mansion in Lahore on Sunday to carry out the court orders.

A sizable contingent of PTI members gathered at Zaman Park at Fawad’s invitation after word of the PTI chairman’s arrest reached PTI.

I want to caution this stupid and anti-Pakistan government not to drag Pakistan into more crisis and behave sensibly. Any move to arrest Imran Khan will gravely worsen the situation.

“The goal of the administration is to undermine the nation’s system of law and order. The purpose of the rioting was to allow for the suspension of the elections. That is an effort to stop the Supreme Court’s order regarding the elections from being implemented “added he.

Fawad also claimed that the government is trying to kill him by making Khan appear in court. He continued, “The Punjab and federal governments are two sides of the same coin.

In case the chairman is taken into custody, PTI leader instructed the employees to begin organizing a protest.

We urge for nonviolent, nationwide protests if anything happens, he added.

Qureshi had previously stated that they would check with their attorneys over the warning that was delivered to Khan before announcing their next course of action.

The party leader, according to Qureshi, has always obeyed the law and the courts and has even appeared in court without security.

“Imran was not even allowed by the physicians, nevertheless he manifested. We will adhere to the law, but we must exercise caution “Speaking to the media, he stated.

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