Queen Camilla sets her podcast apart from Meghan Markle’s failed show

Queen Camilla sets her podcast apart from Meghan Markle's failed show

Queen Camilla has shown off a new project that brings her love of books to life. a show with a lot of different well-known writers that carefully avoids the mistakes Meghan Markle made with her podcast Archetypes.

Camilla will not host the independently created podcast, which is different from how Meghan Markle hosts hers.

Vicki Perrin, who is also the project’s CEO, will be in charge of running the Queen’s Reading Room. Vicki will be liked by the audience because she has a lot of knowledge in both TV and radio.

The Queen, on the other hand, will only be seen in brief clips during the podcast, which will have famous writers bringing listeners into their own “reading rooms.” Ian Rankin, the crime king, will talk about his reading journey in the first show.

People who listen will also be able to hear Camilla’s interesting chat with author Peter James. She will also talk about personal things, like how the Harry Potter books are her favourite books to read to her grandkids.

In a video clip from the show, Queen Camilla says, “For love or money, I can’t imitate voices.” I have no idea how to do it. I was a terrible actor in school, and I’ve never been able to get good at imitating others.

She also talks about how proud she is that her husband, King Charles, can play the parts of the characters in the books. “Sometimes, when we are with my husband in Scotland, he reads them Harry Potter,” she says. He also does all the voices because he is so good at imitating them.


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