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Qatar announces to donate buses used in FIFA World Cup

According to Lebanese media, Qatar would give buses used to convey World Cup fans to Lebanon to help the country’s transportation industry.

Prime Minister Najeeb Mikati reportedly spoke with Qatari authorities about the matter during the World Cup. Doha’s aim to give underdeveloped countries some infrastructure for the World Cup served as the inspiration for the concept.

Thousands of stadium seats, whole football stadiums, and buses are among the contributions. In addition to the 1,000 buses it currently has, Qatar had acquired around 3,000 buses, which were used to transport spectators for free throughout the event.
Certain reports claim that the Qataris promised to supply stadium seating for some municipal stadiums as well as the sports city in Beirut. However, the Lebanese side suggested that Lebanon may receive numerous buses.

According to the Al Akhbar daily, Mikati also talked about political ties with several nations, particularly Lebanon, with Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Jasem Al Thani, who also oversees the country’s foreign investment fund.

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