Punjab govt to take action against PTI “miscreants”

Punjab govt to take action against PTI
Punjab govt to take action against PTI
PTI “miscreants” who attacked the Elite Police force vehicle outside Zaman Park would face legal repercussions, the Punjab government has determined.

A Punjab government spokeswoman said that “miscreants” attacked the police van next to Imran Khan’s home in Zaman Park. Elite Force employees were compelled to flee in order to protect their lives.

Along Kanal Road, “miscreants” brandished sticks and stones as they attacked the Elite force vehicle. The caretaker provincial government has made the decision to file a lawsuit against the individuals responsible for the attack on the police van.

In the meantime, PTI employees have reclaimed their places in Zaman Park for Imran Khan’s protection as the party’s leader and former prime minister.

Usman Anwar, the IGP for Punjab, stated on Saturday that Punjab police had removed the “no-go area” that had been established outside of Imran Khan’s home.

Amir Mir, the interim Punjab communications minister, and the Punjab IGP spoke at a press conference where they claimed that police had searched the area around Zaman Park on the judge’s orders. He asserted that PTI workers threw petrol bombs at police officers during a search operation near Imran Khan’s home.


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