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PTI leader Azam Swatii lands in hot water

ISLAMABAD: A bailable arrest warrant has been issued for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Azam Swati in connection with the case of the controversial tweet.

According to records, the case involving PTI politician Azam Swati’s controversial tweet was heard in the presence of Azam Swati’s lawyer Sohail Khan, and Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi before the Special Judge Central Islamabad.

Lawyer Sohail Khan claimed that PTI leaders are being arrested outside the court, despite the fact that PTI leader Azam Swati was due to appear today but is already present at Zaman Park.

“If Azam Swati has been granted protective bail by the court?” Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi inquired.

He claimed that despite taking an oath, Azam Swati was summoned multiple times by the court to testify against him.

Rizwan Abbasi requested that the lawyer give proof of Azam Sawati’s presence in Zaman Park. He also asked the court to issue non-bailable arrest orders for Azam Swati.

Today, the court denied Azam Swati’s request for an exemption from his presence and issued a bailable warrant for his arrest.

The court has ordered Azam Swati to post an Rs. 50,000 bail bond and has directed him to appear in court on May 30th.

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