Pti Formulates Plan to Defend Imran Khan From Non-political State Actors’ Harassment.

Pti Formulates Plan to Defend Imran Khan From Non-political

The News reported on Tuesday that the core committee of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has created a comprehensive strategy to counter what it calls “undemocratic, unconstitutional, and non-political state actors” who are allegedly targeting PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

After reviewing judicial proceedings against Khan, the PTI’s highest decision-making body reportedly concluded that the proceedings had frustrated and angered the people and undermined the popularity of the PTI’s chairman.

A no-confidence motion led to the resignation of the prime minister in April of last year, and the committee has committed to vigorously oppose any “reprehensible attempts” to hasten trials in order to punish him and stockpile reserved judgements in order to deny him justice.

Ali Nawaz Awan, the former central assistant secretary general of the PTI, was recovered from the drawing room of the “King’s Party” after being forcibly disappeared for more than two weeks, which the PTI strongly criticised.

Awan has joined Jahangir Tareen’s Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), which was just created in preparation for the upcoming elections on February 8.

A statement from the PTI’s governing council claimed that “state functionaries, who are running a vicious cycle of kidnapping for statements and violating the sanctity of politics and democracy,” were to blame for Pakistan’s deteriorating status.

The group stated that the “state’s madness” against PTI, the “country’s most popular political party,” was demeaning people’s fundamental rights and their right to representation, prompting them to respond strongly.

The central committee declared, “The nefarious designs of trampling on the will of the people and settling the corridors of power with ‘ponies’ reared in the state stables will fail just as they have failed for the last 18 months.”

The panel also examined alleged systematic efforts to delay the general elections, noting, “We are well aware of the objectives of the deliberate campaign to postpone the elections by various quarters”.

The PTI has stated that it will not tolerate any effort to postpone the free, fair, and transparent conduct of elections past February 8, 2024, the date the Supreme Court has deemed to be a “line on the stone” regarding the conduct of elections.

“The apex court should take notice of the ongoing series of pre-election rigging and ensure that the elections are held as per the criteria laid down in the Constitution on February 8,” it said and strongly condemned the denial of permission to various workers and officials to meet Khan despite the court’s permission.

It gave its formal assent to Chairman Imran Khan’s decision to initiate contempt of court proceedings against jail authorities and to include new members in the core committee.


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