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PTI and “Q” move to caretaker setup after dissolution of PA

PTI woos PML-Q with electoral tickets in exchange for dissolving Punjab  assembly - Pakistan - SAMAA
LAHORE: The PTI wrapped up a series of frantic meetings discussing its political strategy and finalizing candidates for the position of the caretaker chief minister, to be appointed in consultation with the outgoing assembly’s opposition leader, as the Punjab Assembly was automatically dissolved late on Saturday night as a result of the governor’s refusal to sign the chief minister’s advice.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan is said to have chosen the interim CM candidates in a meeting with top party figures. However, the party made the last-minute decision to hold onto the names until Sunday, when Mr. Khan is set to formally submit them to departing CM Parvez Elahi at his house (today).

Within the next three days, Caretaker CM Elahi and Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz must confer and agree on a nominee to put out for designation as the caretaker CM.

A political plan for the installation of a caretaker setup in Punjab and the forthcoming elections was discussed during separate consultative sessions that Mr. Khan and Mr. Elahi conducted earlier on Saturday with their respective party leaders and cabinet members. PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi tweeted, “Election time!!!” after the governor gave the order to choose a candidate for the caretaker position.
Sibtain Khan, the speaker of the Punjab Assembly, had earlier said that the PTI has chosen three candidates to be considered for the position of the temporary chief minister. Those names would be announced shortly after the assembly was adjourned later that evening.

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, debated and apparently decided on the contenders for the position of temporary party chairman during a meeting with top party leaders at his home.

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